P Parking International Private Limited, a subsidiary of Nissei Build Kogyo Co., Ltd., is a young and dynamic organisation committed to operating and managing parking facilities for our clients which include

  • Housing Development Board
  • Private (Residential and Hotel Resorts) and
  • Commercial car parks such as shopping complexes in Singapore.

In total, our staff strength of more than 100 trained personnel, oversee, enforce and supervise the numerous parking lots spread over the strategic locations of the island.

Not encumbered by size as we believe in being nimble-footed, P Parking International Private Limited firmly believes in swift and effective responses any time of the day as well as maximizing revenue for our customers. As testimony to that

  • Our Command Centre is manned 24/7, supported by CCTV coverage to ensure that our Response team can attend to any exigency or any untoward event in a timely fashion.
  • Added to that, the majority of our booths are manned on a daily basis by Cashiers or Enforcement Officers which supplement or complement our Patrol Officers’ and Response Officers’ roles.

Equal emphasis is also undertaken for our supportive staff in the roles of accounting, refunds, answering to queries or feedback, advertising and Research and Development.

We cordially invite you to browse through our special Products and Services page on our website which features

  •  Full and Semi Electronic Parking System (EPS)
  •  Cash Card Parking System
  •  Parking Guidance System and
  •  Parking Consultancy.

Last but by no means least, we welcome your feedback on our services so that we can improve on our Customer Servicing. Do email us at feedback@pparking.com.sg

Thank you for your interest in P Parking International Private Limited